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The mission of Canton Public Schools is to provide an educational environment and to enhance the development of learners who demonstrate social responsibility and self-worth.



Canton High School strives to teach students to:

  • Live, work and play harmoniously with other people.
  • Develop and maintain sound mental and physical health.
  • Develop self-discipline and seek guidance when necessary.
  • Think critically and logically.
  • Express themselves clearly.
  • Gain skills needed for work and /or further education.
  • Develop sensitivity to art and beauty.




Monday, October 6
*Tulsa State Fair
*JH vs CB 6:00

Wednesday, October 7
*Tulsa State Fair
*JR Acd @ 10:00 @ Canton
*4H Meeting @ 3:30

Thursday, October 8
*Tulsa State Fair
*XC @ Shawnee

Friday, October 9
*Tulsa State Fair
*FB @ Laverne @ 7:30
*FCCLA-Cheese Fest
*Art Club Cheese Fest

Saturday, October 10
*Tulsa State Fair
*XC @ Chisolm HS



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